Gulf Unmanned Systems Center, LLC (GUSC)


Welcome to  Gulf Unmanned Systems Center, LLC (GUSC)

Significant advances and innovative applications of rapidly emerging technologies have altered the approach to missions that are dangerous, dull, or dirty. Today’s warfighter, first responder, and commercial logistics provider now employ unmanned or autonomous aerial, ground, surface, and under water systems in the performance of an ever-expanding range of missions.

FAU-Bridge Testing.3GULF Unmanned Systems Center, with operations based in Carrabelle, Franklin County, Florida, is uniquely positioned to provide real-world training: tactical development, research and development, test, and evaluation opportunities for operators and mission planners striving to integrate unmanned capabilities into their operational procedures. GUSC also supports experimental and operational test and evaluation of new hardware and employment strategies. As unmanned technologies transition, GUSC provides an unequalled testbed for military, industry, and academic users to address existing and emerging needs and requirements.

Gulf Unmanned Systems Center encompasses over 250,000 acres of range facilities and tactical training areas consisting of riverine, coastal, and jungle environments.  This fusion of varied terrain promotes the operation of unmanned vehicles in one of the few sites in the United States capable of promoting the development of interoperability tactics and procedures between dissimilar platforms. The site also features multi-purpose ranges that support a variety of situational training.

GUSC partnered with a team from Florida Atlantic University (FAU) to test and evaluate an unmanned surface vehicle (USV) to perform bridge assessments. (picture on left)

Contact Bruce McCormack, CEO at (850) 720-1500 or (850) 630-9801 to discuss how GUSC can support your company’s vision.